Inkseed is an exclusive sustainable Graphic Design and Eco Printing specialist based in Perth, WA.
Our mission is to create fresh and original high-calibre graphic design, to deploy effective eco-friendly marketing tools that actually work for your business, and to provide a changed printing service that prevents harm to our environment – with no compromise on material quality.
These key goals are what makes Inkseed different from the rest. We are passionate about the cause, the purpose, and giving you the best. We believe in doing it the right way.
Inkseed supports local and independent business, sustainable resources, and a better, brighter future for everyone.


Jody Scattini • Creative Director

Hi. I am the brains and creative master behind the face of Inkseed.

Creativity has always been a part of my life. I was always “the kid who could draw good” in school. My passion lays in being able to create things that make a difference, things that help and assist others, and things that promote change for the better.

This includes graphic design, effective branding and corporate identity, media material, advertising, eco packaging and labelling, and art. It also includes sustainability within the industry as well as day-to-day life; green printing practices, reducing deforestation via paper minimisation and recycling, and eradicating the use of plastics.

I am here to share these practices with the world via Inkseed, one creative project at a time.