Inkseed possesses the ability to achieve the spectacularly fresh designs and statement creations that it does for you – because of you.

Inkseed is a freelance Graphic Design business based in Perth, WA. The mission of Inkseed is to deliver effective and customised design work to you, the client, with a focus on QUALITY. Not the dollar sign.

:: HEART :: Inkseed loves design. And creativity. And everything in between. Passion is poured into every piece of work created.
Not a single design will leave our hands unless we are confident it is the best it can be, and that it will achieve only the best results for you. We want you to have our best work.

:: SERVICE :: Inkseed is proud to provide a complete creative service; from concept, to development, to finished product. Start to finish.
Design • Marketing • Print. Everything you need. To view more information on each, see our Services.

:: WORTH :: With minimal overheads, Inkseed is also able to offer you very desirable costings. It is a great benefit of being a freelance-based service. You will find design projects produced by marketing agencies and corporate studios totalling multiple times the cost in comparison to Inkseed. You win.

:: GREEN :: Another core value of Inkseed is a focus on being “green”;
where we can help the environment, we will.
Inkseed operates from a “paper-free” office. Offering eco-friendly printing services is a key part of practice too, with recycled stock options and alternative ink solutions being readily available.

:: COMMUNITY :: And finally – the little guys. Inkseed is proud to support small business and charitable organisations.
We favour small businesses, because we are one. Homegrown is best, and we believe a little bit can go a very long way. Helping each other out matters.