What is Inkseed?

Inkseed is a creative service that produces original signature graphic design, branding and digital art material, whilst implementing and honouring strict low-impact environmental standards throughout the design and printing process.

In turn the products and services we offer to you have a reduced carbon footprint.
We only print with 100% recycled paper, we implement the use of petroleum-free inks, and wherever we can go digital, we will.

We want you to walk away with only our best work. We believe in making a difference, and we believe in doing things the right way.

From the Director

Director • Founder • Creative Person

Hello! I am the maker of Inkseed, and I’m delighted to share my story with you. 

I am a creative professional, and have been involved in the Graphic Design and Print industries for over 15 years.
I graduated from Curtin in 2004 in the charming regional town of Kalgoorlie, spent some time on the picturesque north-west coast of Tasmania, and thereafter relocated to Perth on a determined path to attain creative accord and recognition. My journey has taught me a lot, I have experienced a lot, and I have created a nationally renowned name for myself on the creative scene. 

I created Inkseed in 2010 as a sole venture, originally aimed at providing a big, bold, loud, outside-of-the-box graphic design service that was unrestrained from the bounds of commonplace generic design. This core value has grown with Inkseed and I, and stands stronger now than ever before. Good design is timeless, priceless, and evokes feeling in you and your audience; without telling you to do so.

I’ve made it my mission to evolve Inkseed to a fused level of entity that not only offers this level of custom creativity, but also eradicates the critical environmental issues in the printing and paper industries; to provide people with a design and print service that puts environmental welfare and sustainability front and centre. People NEED the accessibility to choose eco-friendly options in every facet of their life – including design and print – now more than ever before.

During my experience in Graphic Design and Pre-Press roles over the years for numerous print warehouses and studios, the excessive wastage of resources has been repeatedly made very apparent to me. Through traditional printing operations over time, the disposal levels of paper, chemical and liquid materials during the process is so vast and frequent it has become normalised… and the sad reality is the staggering number of common printing businesses out there that still operate with these practices today. 
It’s the “way it’s been done for years” attitude that I declined to accept a long time ago.

Change is here.
It brings me revered and dutiful happiness to bring Inkseed to you.
– Jody Scattini